Can You Freeze Sushi Rolls?

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Why Freezing Sushi Rolls is a BAD Idea!

Of course you can freeze sushi rolls. You can freeze almost anything. But you’re probably not going to like the end result. And it’s not so much the freezing as the thawing process that makes a nice sushi roll taste like pooh-pooh by the time it defrosts and is ready to eat.

Sushi is made to be eaten as fresh as possible. Even the store bought ready made stuff is meant to be eaten that day.

In fact, if that’s what you’re thinking of freezing, remember that is most likely fish that the store hasn’t been able to sell and needed to be used in some way that you’re getting. So you’re already starting behind the eight ball with the store bought variety.

Now if it is “real” sushi, and is fresh, the problem isn’t freezing the fish, we all know fish can be frozen. It all of the other sushi ingredients that come into play.

Your rice is either going to dry out in the freezer, which makes the grains hard. Not at all great for a roll. In fact, sushi rice doesn’t last long n the fridge, let alone frozen.

Any fresh additives like vegetables are also going to loose their “snappiness” and just not have the same texture as when they were fresh. Then there are things like fish eggs for color and texture that’ll end up drying out and have the texture of little sand molecules.

Your seaweed, nori or soy paper should be fine, but again, a little added humidity will cause it to break down quickly, and seaweed can even start smelling pretty strong.

And if you try to let the rolls defrost in the freezer, then they’re going to get soggy, especially if you don’t take them out of the container or rappers. This is because ice crystals form when you freeze your rolls, then go back to water when de-thawed. NOT good at all for sushi rice.

Although you can possible reheat sushi, reheating a frozen roll is just going to create mush. Especially if you use a microwave oven.

Now, there is one way you could probably get away with freezing sushi and having it taste somewhat okay, but it is such a pain to me it just isn’t worth it.

But, if you were to unwrap your sushi and take it apart and freeze each ingredient separately, then recreate the roll after defrosting, that should actually work. Although I have never personally tried that because like I said, it’s a lot more work and not the convenient option I’m sure you were looking for.

So “can” you freeze sushi rolls, sure you can. But they will never be as good as when you bought them. It’s just the way it is. Sushi is meant to be eaten fresh, period. You’d be better off just eating what you can and then using it for something else if you don’t finish what you have when it is fresh.

If you need some ideas on what to do with leftover sushi, check out my article. I promise, the alternatives are better tasting than freezing.