If you love sushi, you will want to learn how to make a Sushi that will blow your culinary competition away! This authentic Japanese sushi rice recipe is simple enough to make at home as well. Follow simple tutorial for perfect sushi rice. What is Sushi Rice anyway?

In Japan, sushi rice is also called Nori, short for “iru”, which means “grains”. In cooking, the rice grains are usually cooked in short bursts of direct heat. In traditional Japanese cooking, this is called “Kariyake” or “roasted rice”. In American cooking, it is called brown rice.

The difference between regular sushi rice and short-grain Japanese rice is that it is rolled before being eaten. You should be able to see tiny rice grains (kani in Japanese) on the short-grain Japanese rice. Short-grain rice has less starch and absorbs more liquid and becomes softer when cooked. It is lighter in taste than regular sushi rice and is chewable easily. Another important thing to note is that long-grain rice contains more B vitamins, iron and calcium while short grain rice lacks these.

To make short-grain Japanese rice sushi rice, mix the regular rice vinegar, sugar, baking powder, vinegar, and salt in a bowl. Mix until thoroughly mixed and then add in about two cups of water. Let the mixture stand for about five minutes so that the other ingredients can mix in. Then, strain into individual serving bowls.

The next step is to wash the sushi rice by hand using a kitchen sponge or brush. Be sure to not scrub the Japanese rice while it is still damp because it will prevent the formation of caramelized areas on the surface of the rice. Wipe the entire thing under running water in order to remove the excess moisture. If you want to remove a lot of the dried seaweed, you can use a paper towel or kitchen towel. When the rice has been washed, place it in a large plastic container for later storage. Before storing, lightly dry it with a kitchen towel so that no moisture remains.

To make sushi rice for a recipe, you must first prepare the necessary equipment and materials. A sushi maker is an inexpensive item that is essential if you want to produce different varieties of sushi at home or make them at the restaurant level. You will need a sushi maker with a bottom base and a handle, scissors, wooden or bamboo chopsticks, and some types of molds. Another essential sushi making tool is a rice paddle or wooden chopstick. The rice paddle is used to mix the rice and sweetened rice vinegar during the process of rice washing bowl spinning.

To prepare the ingredients for sushi rice seasoning, you need to gather all the ingredients needed: sushi rice, ingredients such as nori (seaweed), waste, and sugar. Mix the ingredients together well and coat the entire thing with a coating that will help it keep its shape. After that, you need to roll the mixture until it looks like a ball. Fill the completed ball into a large plastic container for later storage.

If there are leftovers, don’t throw them away because they can be used as filling for other dishes. Place the prepared sushi in a plastic bag and freeze it until you have time to enjoy it. If you plan to eat it right away, you may open up the sushi vinegar and salt mixture and consume it as it is, but if you plan to store it, mix together the granulated sugar with the vinegar and store it in the refrigerator for a fresher taste.